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Compact and Modular Agricultural Gearbox Design


At Agknx, Every Agricultural Gearbox Has the Most Compact Modular Design. They Have Different Ratios, Load and Torque Capacities, and Input Speeds.

Their Modularity Makes It Possible to Add Pre-reduction Stages for Greater Ratio Flexibility and Better Auger Speed Control. in Addition to Additional Stages, We Can Also Provide You with Different Right-angle Inputs (including Single and Dual Pto Shafts) and Hydraulic or Electric Motor Inputs.

Our Tailor-made Reducer Solutions Are Competitively Priced and Suitable for a Wide Range of Agricultural Applications Including Wheel Harvesters, Track Harvesters, Stationary Plant Mixers, Feed Mixers, Rotary Pasture and Many More.

If You Need Help Selecting the Proper Gearbox for a Specific Application, Our Authorized Technicians Are Ready to Assist You.

Custom Gearbox

Agknx‘s custom transmissions are precision engineered and rigorously tested to meet the most demanding requirements. On site, these hardworking solutions convert the rotational energy provided by your equipment at the optimal speed and power required to the energy level required for a specific application. Most types of agricultural machinery require custom transmission solutions to optimize their performance. Agknx engineers can work with you to design and develop a custom gearbox solution that precisely meets your requirements and provides a mechanical advantage for increased torque and consistently better performance.


Bevel Gearbox

Agknx offers bevel gearboxes in various HP capacities. Choose from existing ratios and shaft configurations or customize them to meet your specific application needs. Our engineers will work with you to fully understand your requirements and select the appropriate gearbox for your application. If your application requires a custom drive solution, our engineers will work with you to design a bevel gearbox that meets your specific application to minimize stress and wear on your equipment and maximize service life.


Parallel shaft gearbox

Agknx Engineering’s rugged parallel shaft gearboxes are designed to meet the varied torque requirements of agricultural and other demanding markets. Choose from existing ratios and shaft configurations or customize them to meet your application needs. Our engineers will work with you to understand your unique requirements and select the appropriate gearbox for your application. If your application requires a custom drive solution, our engineers will work with you to design a parallel shaft gearbox that meets your specific application to minimize stress and wear on your equipment and maximize service life.

Reducers for fertilizer spreaders

Agknx Group supplies agricultural machinery manufacturers with a wide range of components including gearboxes, PTO shafts and machine parts.

Agknx Group products stand out for their high quality and innovative content. Designed to encourage performance improvements and industrialized production concepts, they represent an important reference point for agricultural machinery manufacturers.



The gearbox is the main mechanical component in the kinematic chain of agricultural machinery. It is usually driven by the tractor power take-off through the power take-off shaft and transmits the power to various other parts of the machine. Torque can also be transmitted to the gearbox via hydraulic motors or pulleys and sprockets. A gearbox always has one input shaft and at least one output shaft. If the shafts are at right angles, the gearbox is an orthogonal shaft gearbox (L series-T series-V series-E series-S series-I series-G series), commonly known as right-angle transmission.

If the shafts are parallel to each other, the gearbox is called a parallel shaft gearbox (P series – PE series – PA series).

Depending on the gears and their number of teeth, the Agknx Group gearbox range includes:

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Types of Agricultural Gearboxes

Depending on the application requirements, Agknx Gearbox Company offers a wide range of gearboxes for agricultural applications:

Bevel Gearbox

Bevel gearboxes contain enclosed helical or straight bevel gears, which have a conical shape and are used to transmit rotational power through shafts, usually at an angle of 90°. Right angle bevel gear drives are used in a variety of agricultural machinery applications and come in a variety of horsepower capacities, ratios and shaft configurations. While bevel gearboxes are typically configured at a 90° angle, they can be configured at various angles. Agknx gearboxes provide 68° bevel gear drive and have been designed and developed specifically for portable grain auger and elevator applications; however, these units are also ideal for applications such as lawn mowers, conveyor belts and seeders. For grain cart applications we recommend the H130 series 50° bevel gearbox.

Worm Gear Reducer

Worm gear reducers consist of a worm input and an output worm gear for a vertical axis. This results in greater torque values when the transmission slows down the drivetrain. Worm gear reducers enable higher ratios in a smaller package than helical gears and parallel shafts, which require multiple reductions and take up more space. Worm gear reducers can be used with electric motors or driven by an input shaft to reduce output speed, increase torque, change drive direction, or run two loads from a single source.

Agknx Gearbox Company offers a comprehensive selection of worm gear drives ideal for a variety of applications. Available in gear ratios ranging from 5:1 to 100:1, these units can be configured with solid shaft or hydraulic motor input, and hollow or solid output shafts for left and right hand or dual output. Axis options are available.

Parallel Gearbox

High and low speed parallel shaft gearboxes are on the same level and have spur gears. Agknx Gearbox Company offers rugged parallel gear reducers with standard ratios of 6.09:1, two-piece housings, precise gear meshing, and available with single or dual hydraulic motor inputs.

Helical gear motor

The obvious differentiating factor of the helical geared motor is that it combines a standard gear drive and an electric motor in one unit. Like any other gear drive, these devices are primarily used to reduce speed and increase torque between rotating axes. In general, they can be divided into two types: those that transfer energy between parallel components, and those that transfer power between non-parallel components, often called star gears.

Depending on the application requirements, helical gear reducers are available in different variants. Agknx Gearbox offers 4 types of helical geared motors:

Helical inline geared motor

The input and output shafts of a helical geared motor face the same direction, although they may or may not be offset from each other. Inline geared motors are characterized by being parallel or coaxial and transmitting power in the same direction as the motor.

Helical gear parallel shaft geared motor

The input and output shafts of a helical parallel shaft geared motor are also oriented in the same direction, but offset by a distance so that the shaft axes are parallel to each other.

Spiral bevel gear motor

The input shaft and output shaft of the helical bevel geared motor form an angle of 90°. These units can be configured with solid or hollow output shafts.

Helical gear worm gear motor

The helical worm geared motor is driven by a worm gear, supplemented by a helical gear front-stage reducer, and driven by an integrated electric motor. The reduced input speed of the electric motor to the worm gear increases torque capacity and provides greater efficiency.

The Importance of Quality Gearboxes to Agriculture

Gearboxes are critical in agricultural equipment throughout the food cycle, from soil preparation to seeding, harvesting and preparation of various commodities. Due to the increased food demand from population growth and the consequent increase in equipment wear and tear, farmers will need high-quality components in the machinery they rely on so much. Otherwise, costly downtime can severely hamper production and prevent demand growth. Agricultural applications require high quality gearboxes. Worn gears can cause significant losses to the farmers who are the primary users of this equipment.

High Quality Gearbox from Agknx Gearbox

Agknx Gearbox Company provides customers in the agricultural sector with reliable gearbox solutions for almost any application. We have been manufacturing high quality gear drives for a wide variety of power transmission systems since 1993. Extensive gear selection including bevel, worm, parallel shaft and helical gearboxes for agricultural applications

The environments found in the agricultural industry are harsh. They include remote, all weather outdoor locations, constant moisture and also frequent washing down. Tight deadlines and schedules mean that down time is not an option. The agricultural industry relies on near constant operation during harvest times. Therefore, agricultural gearboxes must be extremely robust and reliable. In addition, we understand that the power transmission drives need to be robust, reliable and fit for the environment they are installed in. They not only need to be fit for purpose, but also need to be readily available should any issues arise. 

The food processing side of the industry also has stringent requirements for hygiene. We have experience in this area and have ranges of Stainless Steel and anti-bacterial hygienic gearboxes. Also many of the applications in the agricultural industry also require variable speed options. This can be either mechanical or electronic, both of which we have the knowledge and expertise in, and products to suit.