China factory GFT Series Planetary Gearbox for Vehicle Replacement of Bosch Rexroth GFT09T2 GFT13T2 GFT17T2 GFT17T3 GFT24T3 GFT26T2 GFT36T3 with Good quality

GFT series planetary gearbox applies to the transmission device of mobile equipment and high mileage vehicles.

GFT series hydrostatic transmission comprises a planetary gearbox, axial piston hydraulic motor, wet multi-disc brake, and valve block. By adopting our patented technology and design experience, our products have the characteristics of high overall efficiency, compact design, and a wide speed regulation range. This series can be directly installed on the wheels or tracks of mobile vehicles and can also be used for hydraulic winches and hydraulic winches.

Replaceable model

Replacement model EP-GFT09T2 EP-GFT13T2 EP-GFT17T2 EP-GFT17T3 EP-GFT24T3 EP-GFT26T2 EP-GFT36T3
Replacement model EP-GFT40T2 EP-GFT50T3 EP-GFT60T2 EP-GFT60T3 EP-GFT80T3 EP-GFT110T4 EP-GFT160T3
Replacement model EP-GFT220T3 EP-GFT260T3 EP-GFT330T3 EP-GFT450T3
Replacement model EP-GFT13W2 EP-GFT17W2 EP-GFT17W3 EP-GFT24W2 EP-GFT26W2 EP-GFT36W3 EP-GFT40W2
BOSCH REXROTH Model GFT50W3 GFT60W3 GFT80W3  GFT110W3  GFT160W3  GFT220W3 GFT330W3
Replacement model EP-GFT50W3 EP-GFT60W3 EP-GFT80W3  EP-GFT110W3  EP-GFT160W3  EP-GFT220W3 EP-GFT330W3

Why Choose Our Planetary Gearbox?

▍ due to the high power density and the perfect match between the gearbox transmission ratio and the hydraulic motor, space is saved
▍ wide selection of rated size, output torque, and transmission ratio; It can be combined with Rexroth’s wide range of motor series
▍ simple and fast configuration and modular design shorten delivery time
▍ complete delivery of gears and motors in a single drive reduces logistics costs
▍ maintenance free dynamic brake (optional)
▍ mechanical disconnecting device for traction

The GFT Series developed by Ever-power, especially for high mileage mobile devices, provides more functions. The combination of a two-stage or three-stage planetary gearbox and axial piston motor with a bending shaft design can form a very compact transmission device and save the space of wheeled and tracked vehicles. The GFT Series provides the first opportunity to integrate Rexroth a6ve hydraulic motors extracted from the 71 series. In this way, the power density of the whole driving device can be further improved. This growth is possible.
Higher displacement through a6ve/71. Compared with the previous series, the torque increases by about 10%, and the corresponding power increases. In addition to the functional advantages brought by the best matching of mechanical gearbox and hydraulic motor, this product also has logistics advantages. The procurement process is simplified by purchasing complete transmission units from a single factory.

Application of GFT Series Planetary Gearbox

The driver has been widely used in primary and auxiliary winches, crawler rotary drilling rigs or wheel and crawler cranes, truck and cutter head drivers of milling machines or road header machines, road rollers, crawler vehicles, high-altitude platforms, self-propelled drilling rigs, and marine cranes. The transmission device is not only widely used in Sany Heavy Industry, XCMG, Zoomlion, and other major domestic customers. Still, it is exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, India, South Korea, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, and other countries.

Other Types of Planetary Gearboxes

Gear Speed Reducer for Tracked Vehicle Gear Speed Reducer for Winch Planetary Gear Reducer for Wheeled Vehicle
Planetary Slewing Drive Gear Speed Reducer for Wind Turbines Inline Planetary Gear Reducer
Right Angle Gear Drives Power Wheel Planetary Gear Drive Feed Mixer Drive

Planetary Gearbox Manufacturer

Ningbo CCMS Co., Ltd. is a company that exports and produces all kinds of precision machined castings and mechanical parts. Our machining castings include investment casting (wax loss casting), sand casting, and die casting.

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