Agricultural 90 Degree Farm Pto Right Angle Gearbox

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This series gearbox is mainly used on mowers (grass cutters). It has the characteristics of high universality, simple structure, and good performance.

– ISO9001 Quality System examined & verified by a Third Party of CQC and passed second-degree safety quality standardization for the machinery manufacturing enterprise.
– Precision forging, cutting by CNC machine, heat treatment by German IPSON & laser techniques.
– Strictly quality control by German CMM.
– Various gearboxes used in agricultural machines and industrial machines.
– Advanced technics, strong self-development power, able to produce new type gearbox according to customer’s design drawings.

Code Input Power
Gear Ratio
Input Speed
XH30.147Z.03L 30HP 1:1.47 540 16.85
XH30.192Z.03L 30HP 1:1.92 540 16.85

What is a Power Take-off Transmission

A Power Take Off (PTO) is a mechanical transmission connected to an orifice provided on an agricultural transmission for the purpose of transmitting power from the engine to auxiliary components, the PTO provides power directly to the driven component in the form of a transmission rotating the shaft .

PTO Gearbox Work

The PTO is the link between the agricultural gearbox and the hydraulic pump, blower or motor to get the job done. …PTOs convert power from engines and transmissions into outputs that we can manipulate to drive hydraulic components in a variety of ways, resulting in revenue-generating services.

Agknx Gearbox Company is a leading manufacturer of high performance gearboxes supporting a range of agricultural applications. If a standard or existing design is not suitable for your application, Agknx’s engineering team can reverse engineer an existing design or assist you in designing a custom gearbox.

Agricultural gearboxes optimize machine performance for farmers, enabling them to maximize productivity. These gearboxes consist of shafts and gears enclosed in a housing that transmit power from an input shaft to one or more output shafts to change direction, speed and/or rotation between the input and output shafts.

Agricultural gearboxes are suitable for a wide range of applications that maintain efficient agricultural operations. These applications rely on gearboxes to withstand many harsh environmental conditions, including severe weather, continuous operation and dry environments. At the same time, they can meet various safety and hygiene requirements.


Output Torque
Install the Power Take-off Interface to the Gearbox
Pto Gear Paired with Drive Gear As Standard
Provide Standard Power Take-off Output Interface.
Lubricates the Power Take-off.
Desired Direction of Rotation of the Pto Shaft.


We Built Full-scale Prototypes and Physically Tested Them for Structural Strength, Durability, and Vibration in Our Lab.

Agricultural gearbox te chnical requirements



1. There must be no mechanical damage or casting defects such as cracks and holes in any part of the agricultural gearbox.

2. The surface of the gearbox of the machine tool should be kept clean, and the surface finish of the shaft should not be lower than 76.

3. The ellipticity of each shaft hole of the agricultural machinery gearbox is not greater than 0.015-0.02mm.

4. The irregularity of the center line of each shaft hole is not more than 0.04mm, and the length is 100mm.

5. Wheelbase of agricultural machinery gearbox.

6. The relationship between the bearing hole and the bearing seat of the agricultural gearbox.


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